Bob BoughnerWelcome to the home page of ReB Consultants, which specializes in developing applications for Dreamweaver. I started in 2004, writing DW apps for the popular pop-up utility called OverLIB, which was then extended to coolTip. From around 2007 to the present, I have been an active beta testor for Project Seven Development, well-known for its Dreamweaver applications.


Cookie Notifier

Cookie Notifier is an application geared to web developers in Europe who must adhere to the new EU legislation which came into force in May 2011. It is a Dreamweaver command application which inserts code into a web page so that when the page is first viewed, it notifies the viewer that cookies are being used on the page, and allows the user to dismiss that notification. If cookies are enabled in the viewer's browser, then the notification will not appear again. Information on this application can be seen by clicking here.

Note Alert

Note Alert is a small application that allows a web developer to insert code on his/her pages that display a small layer with a company logo and provision to include helpful links like Twitter or Facebook feeds. It is dismissed by clicking on a X button along the right edge. When the page is reshown again the alert will appear again. Information on this application can be seen by clicking here.

Simple Responsive Form

SRF includes

  • A Fully responsive form
  • 10 pre-defined styles
  • Maximum form width selectable by the user
  • Many HTML5 form features
  • Input elements that can be edited to include additional HTML5 attributes, which are preserved during form modifications
  • Up to 6 input fields along with RESET and SUBMIT buttons
  • Main Header and sub Header content, label names and placeholder text editable by the user
  • Whether a field is required or not
  • Eleven symbols to indicate a required item along with it's color
The user is responsible for editing the HTML code to specify the action, method and enctype attributes and for setting up the processing of information sent to his/her server. An example of inserting SRF in a CCM two-column setup is shown here. More information on this application can be seen by viewing the User Guide.

The price for each application is $50. If you are interested in purchasing one, please send me an email for further instructions.


Please click on the image to make a donation/payment. If this is payment for an application, once it is confirmed that the funds have been made to my account, I will send you an email notice with the application included.

Thank you for your support.