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Just so easy

The form on this page was created with three clicks, namely selecting a max-width of 'none', selecting the Carbon style, and hitting the OK button in the SRF UI interface. If another style (there are 10 of them) were desired or some fields are not required, then that would involve a few more clicks. Of course, the place holder text is completely editable by the user, as well as which fields should be required.

Watch how the form responds, as the browser window is made narrower in width, and the display changes from a two-column format to a single column (this is the responsive feature associated with the CCM container.)

The form employs HTML5 features which cause the first field Name to have focus on page load (it has the autofocus attribute assigned to it).

The only hard work with this form is that it is the user's responsibility to configure their server to process the information it sends, edit the HTML markup to set the action attribute, and check whether the method and enctype attributes need changing. All changes that the user makes to these attributes will be perserved during subsequent edits.

There is a convenient Remove command (Commands -> Goodies -> Remove SRF by ReB ...) to completely remove all aspects of the form from your page. During removal, you will be given the opportunity to remove the assets folder too.